I remembered bits of this show way back since its original US airing on ABC.It drove me crazy,as all I remembered was "Brains" or "Brainy" as the bespectacled smart guy and a young lass I had a crush on back then (Billie).Well,I have only recently learned the name of the show and seen it again after all these decades of time.Brains looks exactly like I remembered he did,however my crush on Billie is tempered by the fact that she wasn't overly "cute",but her energy on the show more than compensated.Sadly,I find Doughnut as a useless character that only serves as a comic foil for "large" kid laughter,and even his acting is sub par.They make too much of the "double decker" aspect of the gang too,as only a few of the episodes are set around or in the old London bus.The theme tune is very catchy though,but once again they make it sound as if the viewers actually rode a double decker bus...and to tell their friends about it...when the bus in question was actually a minimal character in the series....and didn't really "run". Yet,through all the disapointments I learn of today,this series is just as important to me as the old British "My Partner the Ghost" (Randall & Hopkirk..deceased) series was that aired around the same time in the US (RH being syndicated as opposed to DD on ABC though)..two shows of my childhood that made an impression on me,and stuck all these years.


Can't say I disagree with you, as I was too young to realize what the double-decker bus was, and I think later when I learned the red buses in London were double-deckers, I didn't connect them to this show.

I really didn't recall the double decker bus being mentioned in the song, but I knew the kids were the Double Decker kids.

As for Randall and Hopkirk (as well as The Champions) they all surfaced for me about six years after the DDs.