Theme tune...

I used to watch this on CBBC (UK) years ago and I remember the presenter of the show saying that they had no idea what the second line of the theme tune was. They contacted Hanna Barbera and apparently they didn't know either! I think there was even a contest to find the most likely answer. "In the wonderland zoo... we're the surgeon bears who...?" "...we're the certain bears who...?" "we're the surging bears who...?" "Where the searching bears who...?"

Any ideas? I've listened to it over and over and still have no idea. According to wikipedia it's "There are certain bears who..." but I swear blind that isn't what is being sung.


The character Bubi Bear(Paul Winchell)speaks in double-talk and so the line is not supposed to mean anything just sound funny. But it does sound like "Surgeon bears".



You see Clyde, he talks like this and gets all mixed up in the double park and gets you all the way to the other side because he's talking about bears and how Bears, you know Clyde are like certain, and like certain as a surgeon and that's how it works.

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