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Ladri di Biciclette vs. Umut

When I saw the movie, it really reminded me of Ladri di Biciclette. When I read the following lines on the net I said to myself "I knew it!"
"A lot of foreign, as well as national, cinema critics wrote about Güney’s Umut in comparison to Ladri di Biciclette by De Sica and Zavattini, an Italian production shot in 1948, which captured the Oscar prize in 1950 and is an important example of the Italian neo-realismo stream."
Maybe because I know a bit about the sort of people Güney tells but I liked Umut better.


I much prefer Ladri di Biciclette/Bicycle Thieves because Umut/Hope was thoroughly depressing.

A bird sings and the mountain's silence deepens.