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What is it about this movie?

That is so memorable? It isn't very well crafted, it's often boring, and yet I can't seem to forget it (and I'm not just talking about the sex, people).

Maybe it's the combination of the music and unique presentation of the scenery/aesthetics that makes this movie so damn addictive and memorable.

All I know is, I dug the hell out of it...regardless of whether or not it succeeds as "art", or even competant storytelling. It's just pure cinematic freedom, making something with next to nothing...and I love that.

Does anyone else?


Well I think that's exactly what it is. we're watching Linda experience a dream world for most of the picture, and you either really get into it, or you really don't! Of course, you're not completely enthralled because you're aware of when he's cutting corners - oh look, the scorpion, the dripping blood, the same striptease, but different song! But you're right, it's not really the sex, what little there is. In the end, the location, presentation, music, and 2 leads really make it a lot better than it could have been.

I cant help but think the fact that miranda's death and Stromberg's fade into obscurity makes the movie even more fascinating. Maybe I find it even more haunting because I know this is all about to end.


You know what shot I really loved? That red spiral staircase that the characters walk up during the movie. It's just so dreamlike and travelling to a foreign country and staying in an eccentric hotel.

There's moments like that all through this movie, it just oozes atmosphere.

Finally, what a tragedy that Soledad Miranda passed away long before her time. She just sparkles in this movie.


I find it really satisfying that other people can appreciate this film. Like I said in another thread, never in my life have I seen any as beautiful or as haunting as Vampiros Lesbos.


Try "Suspiria" and "The Innocents"...

I agree that this film has style!


At its most basic I think it's simply a wonderful artifact from the late 60s/early 70s. A great atmosphere in all aspects (the beauty of the women, the scenery, the music, the photography, etc..) that simply could not be replicated today

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It has to be the soundtrack and the seventies fashions.šŸ­