Underwater scorpions....


i saw the last 15 minutes of this movie and it was the most surreal piece of film i've seen all week....

i need to see it completely now...


God, I soon became sick and tired of seeing those scorpions. It came as a relief to suddenly see the chocolate labrador playing in the surf. Why we were treated to that brief scene, I actually have no idea.๐Ÿญ


The scorpion was the Countess~ It died , she died~ The symbol of her strength! The irony though, it drowned, she needed more blood! The movie was kinda bad,,, day walking vamps, most of it should of been filmed during the night...repetitive, especially the dance/art scene.. Another thing...should of been filmed in Greece not Turkey, the island of Lesbos! Anyway it was a weird movie,,, had its moments..seen worse~