Nifty 1970 Movie Poster

The 1970 movie poster for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes is actually in the tone of many last 1960's posters(The Dirty Dozen comes to mind) in which a realistic painting conveys the plot and selling points of the film, in a way that is bigger than the movie itself.

Here the elements include:

Sherlock Holmes himself(in shadowy profile with deerstalker cap and pipe)

A sexy naked woman(covering herself with a blanket) VERY 60's...a lot of paperback novels had this kind of titillating illustration (check out the flowing red hair.)

"London" and Big Ben(remind the audience that this movie is going to "take them somewhere.")

A submarine. A submarine!? What kind of Sherlock Holmes movie is this? (Not the action epic suggested here, but still -- a submarine.)

I suppose that the most pointed connection here is Sherlock Holmes and a naked lady. "The private life" of Sherlock Holmes, indeed.

It was 1970. The Hays Code was over.