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Iranian Woyzeck

This was directed by the director of "Gaav" AKA "The Cow" and figured it must be worth watching, and it is a great movie. Loosely based on the character Woyzeck, it's about an impotent married man obsessed with trying to win at the lottery. In fact he spends all his earnings on tickets at the expense of paying his bills, rent, and even a healthy diet. He and his frustrated wife both work as servants for a local land owner who has a nephew with big ideas for a pig farm on his eccentric uncles land.

There's a local veterinarian that also offers the Postman his services and advises him to consume large quantities of hemp seeds that makes the Postman feel "giddy" but enables him to also move his ears in an extraordinary way. I think the vet is trying to cure his patients impotence.

Feeling himself ridiculed and humiliated by his wifes amourous infidelity, getting caught paying a friend to deliver his mail for him, and finally having to account to a bank collector that assigns a policeman to stake out Taqi the postmans house, the Iranian Woyzeck recedes into madness.

This movie is a good example of what Iranian cinema was pre 1979 Islamic revolution. Many fine movies have been made after 1979 but a great deal of creative impulse has regrettably been lost and buried making The Postman a must see.

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