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Who’s exploiting whom?

A sad old man blackmails a sweet innocent girl into spending a week in his flat, where she is terrorised and manipulated by the sadistic brute. Mental torture and humiliation are her fate. At least, that is the story some posters saw.

The dim do not see very far, however. That spotless wee girl with the fetching Irish brogue and those pyjamas buttoned so chastely up to the chin knows that her fiancé is a crook, but does she break with him? No, she prefers to prostitute herself in order to conceal his crime. And why does she risk her body and her reputation in this way? Because she thinks she can get something out of it, that after a week in Hoffman’s apartment she will have enough on him to save her boyfriend and secure her future.

In the event, her scheming proves more successful than she dreamed of. She is able to ditch the boyfriend, to rescue whom she was ready to open her legs to her boss, and become the second Mrs Hoffman in a swank new house. No more typing pool, no more mixing with petty criminals! And with Hoffman old and impotent, she will be nicely placed for fresh adventures.