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No Evil of Frankenstein on DVD in The UK?

I am puzzled as to why no DVD release of the 1965 Evil of Frankenstein hasn't been released over in the UK.

Does anybody know if it is coming out at all?

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The only copy I have of it is on the Universal "Franchise Collection' DVD which comtains 8 Hammer classics on two double sided DVDs. Unfortunately, the 2nd film on each side is nearly unplayable on almost every copy in circulation. On my copy, the first movie on each side plays fine, but the 2nd movies stop and skip and pixelate... to the point of being unwatchable. Of the 2nd movies.. I can get through 'Curse Of the Werewolf', barely get through 'Paranoiac' and 'Nightmare', but "Evil Of Frankenstien' is unwatchable. Hopefully Universal will re-release it someday.


I got mine from HMV... one of the weaker ones of the series in my opinion but I've got this obsession where I just have to own them all! HMV's usually pretty good, just keep checking and eventually you might have the collection. They've usually got a fair few of the Christopher Lee Dracula series too, always nice to have.


I have had a copy for a few years now . To be honest, I agree with astro_alyss it is not very good. I doubt very much if anyone would see fit to give it the full re-release and Blu-ray treatment .It's for Hammer completists only .
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