Shame !

Sometimes, I really hate the movie industry. Even Cinecittà.

I mean, in your movie you have ELEONORA ROSSI DRAGO and PIER ANGELI and that's all you come out with, you untalented, unimaginative bozo !?!?!?!? Rossi Drago is an actress to die for. Her performances in Antonioni's Le Amiche and Zurlini's Estate violenta are mesmerizing. And in Sensualità / Barefoot Savage (1951) she's even sexier than Silvana Mangano in Riso Amaro / Bitter Rice - and THAT IS TO SAY !!! As for Pier Angeli, I think she killed herself just the year after that. What a disaster, what a shame. "Dive" ending their careers in those Z-Series nonsense. Ah, well, those who left the screen pure and simple probably did for the better : Elena Varzi, Carla del Poggio, Anna-Maria Ferrero...



No Shame here, I quite enjoy this film and am glad it is still around. For lovers of Eurotrash and Pyschotronic swill, this movie rates a solid A! Someone should give this one a US R1 release, it's still way too unknown. The video box of the UK VHS was no help either, with it's completely misleading artwork.
If the previous poster ( or anyone else ) wants to see poor Pier Angeli looking considerably more haggard and in a movie so awful it makes FOLDS look like CITIZEN KANE....strap on 1971's OCTAMAN. Shame about Pier, as I understand it she had substance problems and was very unhappy about hitting her 40's and the loss of her youth, leading to her suicide. Who knows, OCTAMAN may have pushed her over the edge?