Dexter is very stupid

Just watching this now, and going frame by frame with the multiple choice test (first demonstration of his computer powers in the movie)... and he is getting every single question wrong.

I know the actor is just checking off rapidly in a random manner, but I am surprised at the test because it actually is a fairly good test... though it has some clear issues

"31. The term MNE is used to define
A) zero flap stall speed
B) Full flap stall speed (Dexter checks this)
C) Normal operating limit speed
D) Never exceed speed.

I had to look this one up, Mach Never Exceed or D

"32. In general, the performance of an aircraft will be better under conditions of low relative humidity as compared to conditions of high relative humidity

a) moist air tends to decrease engine RPM
b) dry air has a greater density than moist air
c) Even though engine performance is increased under conditions of high humidity, propeller efficiency is reduced in a greater moment.
d) Water vapor, having a greater density than dry air, tends to reduce the density of the overall mixture under conditions of high humidity (Dexter checks this)"

The answer is C.

The answer means this:

"Even though the air is denser, and that increased "movement of mass" results in higher thrust, the amount of torque/horsepower required from the engine to move that higher density of air causes an overall reduction of thrust because the engine will operate at a lower RPM due to not being able to do it.

Or, consider if you're towing something... you go to a lower gear to move more mass.

One question that stuck out to me was:
"33. There are five Basic factors which affect the total lift developed by the wing of an aircraft. Which one of the following listed items is NOT one of these five factors?

a) Angle of Attack
b) Air Density
c) shape or design of the airfoil (dexter checks this, which is the most wrong answer)
d) humidity of the air"

The thing is, ALL OF THOSE affect the total lift. The intent is for humidity to be the answer, but it does have an effect that especially gets noticed when flying in rain or thick clouds. Humidity is often considered negligible effects (it's also in the Mach equations, so there ;p) in normal situations..

I've done a fair amount of ballistics work... and it's an interesting test.

"All airplanes have three axes around which they rotate during various maneuvers. Which one of the following is NOT one of those three axes

A) Vertical Axis
B) Longitudinal Axis
C) Horizontal Axis
D) Lateral Axis"

Of course, dexter never answered this one ;p (It's C, obviously).