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Beginning bath scene is creepy

I notice on here that people get worked up over every single brief nude scene that involves underage males. I am surprised that nobody has commented on the beginning bath scene in this movie with the little girl. The mother pulls the kid from the tub and then plops her right in front of the camera to put the towel around her. Then the mother turns the kid facing the camera and then facing if to show us both sides of her. Then when they finally get the towel on, the girl stops and looks straight in the camera while exiting. Just a weird scene like they purposely staged it so you could see the child naked. There was no reason for it. Why didn't the mother just pull the child from the tub and place her inbetween where she was standing and the tub, blocking the kid's nudity from the camera? And then the way Sutherland is sitting in the tub with her....the manner in which he is doing it.....just odd. A lot of child nude scenes go right over my head if they are brief and innocent but this was just strange and uncalled for.