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Looking for specific episode...PLEASE help!

Hi there,

I am looking for a very specific episode of the Phil Donahue Show. In the episode, a man by the name of Billy Whitfield (possibly also known as Bill Jackson...but likely Billy Whitfield) is a guest and does some silly stuff with some ladies in the audience and whatnot. Billy is a big, tall black man with a deep, booming voice and very charismatic personality.

I am looking for the episode because that same man is now a High School theater teacher at my local High School. He is retiring soon, and we'd like to surprise him by showing him the footage from the show.

The only information I know (besides the fact that he was on this show), is that it was show just after Marlo Thomas and him got that narrows it down to 1980. I also know the producer (or one of them) at the time was Gail Steinberg.

Any help anybody can bring to this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Feel free to email me: [email protected]