'Josie and the PUSSYcats?'

Heh, not the most politically correct title by today's standards...


And it's a shame there's too many dirty minds out there...

I refuse to argue on IMDB until the general populous actually uses their brains


Thank you. At least there is someone out there without childish thoughts of everything being sex. Every show even old has these fools commenting. Just recently looking at Patty Duke where of course they question why she would lose control over a hot dog. Must be sex, of course, for these perverts.


Nearly every cartoon around this time had another source for it's gimmick.

Scooby Doo came from Dobie Gillis, with the dog's name from Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night.

Jaws brought about Jabberjaw and Mr. Jaws.

Speed Buggy was from The Love Bug.

Devlin was from Evel Kneivel.

Josie was no different. Never heard of the Tom Jones song, What's New, Pussycat?