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The Flip Wilson Show

Between its premiere from 1970 to 1972,THE FLIP WILSON SHOW was one of the top rated variety shows that exploded on the Nielsen ratings,making it one of the most watched variety shows on television during the early 1970's.

By the third season in 1973,the ratings begin to slip knocking it out of the top five and by late 1973 out of the top ten and out of the top 25. By the final season in 1974,attempts to save it were unsuccessful,but it did manage to climb back onto the top 25(before it faced tough competition on that Thursday night schedule opposite The Waltons) before NBC cancelled it on May 17,1974.

The show that replaced THE FLIP WILSON SHOW in 1974? Was the short-lived urban drama LUCAS TANNER starring David Hartman.

In 2004,TV Land brought back THE FLIP WILSON SHOW,now was presented in a half-hour segment(originally Flip's show ran for a full hour when it was on NBC)

Recently in February of 2010,TV One brought it back in its original hour long format.