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re=broadcast of full length shows

I despise the fact that the Flip Wilson Show is now broadcasted on Aspire and previously on other outlets in 1 2/ hr format, the shows were 60 minutes, some of the best skits and songs are eliminated from the reruns. Must be some corporate cigar smoking accountant and lawyers in a executive office thinking viewers would be bored or tire watching the entire show, maybe they think the humor is dated? The same thing happens with Rowan & Martin's Laugh In


Like the Carol Burnett Show, rights and royalty issues make some full episodes -- or segments, rather -- too expensive to rerun in syndication. I guess what we see are those pieces where rights/royalties weren't a big problem.

So it's not about viewers' taste, but dollars and cents. But I'm with you: I'd love to see those original 60 minute episodes.


Actually, it was a matter of syndication - it is easier to syndicate a half-hour show than an hour show.

So the series was reformated as a half-hour best of package with 65 episodes when released in the mid-1970's - some of the selected shows were cut down to a half hour, and several others split between two half-hours.

Consitering the number of performers,and musical performances in the syndication package (inclding the video of Paul McCartney & Wings "Mary Had A Little Lamb") it clearly wan't a clearance issue.

These shows were most likely chosen by Flip and producer Bob Henry, and represent all 4 seasons.