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How Do You Distinguish One Show From The Other?

There are a total of seven Archie/Sabrina shows from 1968 to 1974.

The Archie Show (1968)
Archie and His New Friends (1969)
Archie's Fun House (1970)
Sabrina & The Groovy Goolies (1970)
Sabrina The Teen Aged Witch (1971)
Archie's TV Funnies (1971)
US of Archie (1974)

Now I recall US of Archie very well.

TV Funnies was the one with the comic strip characters.

The 'two' Sabrina shows I recall, and I think I even recall the distinction. I think the Groovy Goolies were attempted in a bit of a spinoff with their own show and Sabrina was going to be focused upon more in her show, if I recall that correctly.

I had a VHS of two Groovy Goolies episodes and was surprised when Sabrina appeared in one of the little Laugh In bits, as I didnt know she crossed over to their show like that. I had forgotten, but mostly it was the goolies doing Laugh In.

But I bought the dvd collection, and other than Sabrina and TV Funnies, there really isnt much of a distinction among these shows.

I think one of them had a bit of a different intro, but I'm relooking over the second dvd, and it has "Everything's Archie" sung, which apparently was the ARchie show intro.

The ARchie Comedy HOur? Clearly this one was merely an extension of the previous season's half hour offering, which got high ratings and became successful.


Archie and His New Friends was a prime-time CBS special which introduced Sabrina, the teen-aged witch, and aired just before the start of the new Saturday morning season of The Archie Comedy Hour.

This show featured Sabrina, who soon proved to be so popular, she gained her own show in the fall of 1970, which prompted the format to change and become Archie's Funhouse.

Check out the DVD box set coming out March 4, 2008. . .the special and 7 episodes of The Archie Comedy Hour is scheduled to be on it.

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