A great film !

I love this film and hang tenaciously onto my VHS copy, taped off BBC2 in the mid nineties. That Saturday afternoon showing is the only time I've noticed the film showing on British TV, which is a shame. I only set the recorder at the last minute just before setting off for London to watch Oldham get an undeserved 1-1 at Highbury (those were the days !). Arriving home late that night I decided to have a quick look at the first 10 minutes of "Where's Jack" in case it was worth watching...in the end I watched it all. Tommy Steele, cast against type, does a good job in the central role of burglar-highwayman Jack Sheppard despite the film character being somewhat more respectable than his historical counterpart. Stanley Baker adds his usual class and gravitas to the film in his role as sinister thief-taker Jonathan Wild whilst the supporting cast is, on the whole, very good (although I agree with the reviewer about Fiona Lewis's accent !). I particularly rated the performances of Dudley Foster as Blueskin, Noel Purcell as his mute strongman pal and Leon Lissek as Wild's particularly repulsive henchman! There's also a nice early role for Michael Elphick (as Hogarth) and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance from Rona Newton-John, sister of Olivia. I thought it was well-written (with an excellent ending, in terms of plot and acting performances) and overall the film was a very brave attempt to bring the Beggars Opera to the silver screen. The period detail looked good to me...even the extras seemed to have been selected carefully to fit into the period, and the whole effect is very pleasing indeed. I'd love to see the film treated with respect and released on DVD...My tape version doesn't run for 2 hours so I'm also wondering if it was cut for TV (it was shown in the afternoon, despite some moderately adult themes). If you get the chance, please give it a look !



WOW ,this is a great film , if only i had a copy of my own! wow i loved this film, jack shepherd was a true hero of the people and although this film is neither historically correct or even close to factual it definately captures the spirit of the theif in londons uynderworld at the time .!
I know in reality however it was not as glamorous as portrayed here , if my memory serves me right jack escapes ( not what happened in reality, he hung for his crimes along with the rest at tyburn!

one graet thing that did happen in reality was that the theiftaker jonathon wilde was also hung at tyburn, and also paraded through the london streets in front of the common folk of london,

i love the way jack is played in this almost comedic tale, (he even escapes from the tower of london, whilst on 24 hour guard, his cell being inspected at 15 minute intervals.) only jack could of managed that!! I GUESS AT THE TIME LOCKS WERE PRIMITIVE AND WITH HIS KNOWLEDGE OF KEYS AND LOCKS escaping was a synch!!!

totally un acurate historically but great fun all the way through, it makes a sad tale into a laugh a minute comedy, a CLASSIC FILM IF EVER I SAW ONE!!!!


I must agree with the above it is a great but neglected film.

However I must take issues with the statements of inaccuracy. Apart from the ending the is pretty accurate with the requirements of film making. Right down to to Jack surrendering twice to Wild.


I totally agree as well great film

It has only been shown on UK tv once and i wonder why that is!
It is not on sale on dvd or vhs anywhere and it is not possilbe to get the sound track either sung by mary hopkins trust me i have tryed
any ways if any one knows differently please contact me at [email protected]


They should have at least let Steele sing the title song!