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The Fretful Frisco Frame-up what this movie should have been called. I'm not sure how or where the sensationalistic-sounding title "Perversion Story" was thought up. Let me guess: Marketing Department?? lol Anyway, I didn't find anything really perverse in the movie, in fact, barring some occasional female nudity (breasts and buttocks), the movie seemed rather tame, almost square. But for me the scenes of late-sixties San Francisco and environs, filmed in Technicolor, was worth the rental price alone. Also, the near-documentary approach to the gas chamber scenes at the end made for quite compelling viewing. Loved that late-sixties Corvette, too...

"A little old lady got mutilated late last night… Werewolves of London again."


A quick check of a dictionary should set you straight. #4 to the frame job.

Agreed, it is quite misleading however.