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French people adrift in the USA

This is a forgotten film of no substance. It was just an excuse for the director to travel across the USA. This reminds me of another film made by a european film director in the USA at this time: Zabriskie Point. They're just as pointless and equally out of tune with the times while trying to be existential (but Antonioni's film was at least beautifully photographed).

The leads are miscast (Belmondo as a film score writer, Girardot as a famous actress that people recognise). They're also mismatched. They have no chemistry at all between them. The otherwise appealing Belmondo seems lost and is wasted in this shallow film trying to be deep.


I want to say this movie was boring, but I couldn’t stop watching for some reason.

Zabriskie Point started out promising, but ended up being a bore overall.