Best Version?

I was looking at the various Blu-ray and DVD releases of this film on Amazon and I'm a bit puzzled as to which version to get. I was hoping I could get some advise from anyone reading this who owns or is at least familiar with all the releases...

On Amazon I found a brand new Blu-ray that was released this year by VCI. Then there is an older Blu-ray from Blue Underground that was released in 2009. And then finally there's the even older Two-Disc Special Edition DVD that was also put out by Blue Underground. Strangely enough, the DVD version is the most expensive version on Amazon.. Go figure.

Which version is the best overall? Do either of the Blu-ray releases have the bonus features that are on the 2 disc DVD?

Any help would be much appreciated!



The VCI release only contains the theatrical trailers.


The best available version is the Blu-ray released by Blue Underground, which is unfortunately out of print and worth a bit of dough. The VCI Blu-ray uses the same transfer, however, they tinkered with the colors and contrast, making the image a bit less sharp than BU's edition. VCI's edition also lacks the extras of the BU.


Can't speak on the quality of the Blu-Ray(s), but the Blue Underground DVD from 2005 has the film completely uncut and with a good chunk of special features. As of this writing, it is $10 on Amazon.

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