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What are your favorite scenes in the film?

I think that the suicide temple scene with the man and woman preparing to say goodbye to their children is one of the most beautiful, iconographic, and archetypal scenes in the film. The set - with the rock wall, spring, and the fire burning in the bowl, as well as the benevolence and purity of the characters in this scene is very powerful, made all the more so by the images of chaos and hedonism that book-end it. This is one of my favorite films, and I always find this scene to be a welcome intermission between the more wild and disturbing misadventures in the film.



the comical stage scene in the beginning of the movie


That scene really touched me. I am new to Fellini; although I had heard the name, discovered him quite by accident on TCM during their Foreign film screenings. The first two I saw were about prostitutes and the rawness of the filming really caught me - as well as the story telling. So, I started watching for his films and just caught this and his La sceicco bianco (White Sheik); these two are so different from the first two I'd seen.

Parts of Satyricon were farcical, others were chaotic, but this one scene was so touching - and so real to me.