Mary Tyler Moore

..... I should be writing this on her page.....I fell in love with Mary watching The Van Dyke show. Watched what ever movie she was in ... was thrilled they paired her with Elvis ... the movie was bad and she looked anorexious but beautiful all the same. Than this movie came along and I fell in love with her like Louis Jordan did in the movie. The amnesia love story has been done many times, but this was a favorite.
But this is the truth, I married a Donna Reed and pinched myself for being so blessed. We named our daughter Laura because I loved the name from Laura Petrie on the show. Well guess what... our daughter looks like her... I posted side by side pictures ... big smile and all. Others say she looked more like Gena Davis, anyway, she was embarrassed for her big smile but can live with it now.
Love you Mary, RIP