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"The Bored"? ... hey Toad, BJ, Bobby, where are ya?

Its me, Jay, your bass player... yeah, I know its been a long time between drinks at the old Gunga Den in New Orleans but I thought if you ever checked in here and wanted to get in touch you could send me an email at [email protected]

Let me know you're still breathing, ay?

Yep, I'm living in Australia. Just bought a copy of this flick on VHS and boy did it bring back memories! (we should have 'made it' after our tour with the Vanilla Fudge but I quess it just wasn't meant to be, sob sob)

cya... jay



I'm not a band member, but a fan of the film, could you tell me what the name of the bar was called which the group played in in this movie?

Was you there on the night or was you asked to do the slot?




Well, if the tune you played in the film is any indication, yes, you should have made it at least as far as an album deal. It was a nice re-excursion into the psychedelic blues of the period.

I honestly think your band's name was weak, however, and may have contributed some to the lack of success. Except you'd think you'd have gotten good word-of-mouth after touring with Vanilla Fudge at the time.

The Eyes of the City are Mine! Mother Pressman / Anguish (1987)


Hi man, I love that clip of The Bored playing in a club in Night of Bloody Horror. What is the song called? What happened to the band? Did you record anything?
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