Clips available on Youtube

I normally oppose piracy, but since the owners of this movie don't try to profit from it directly, I don't mind letting anyone know that you can find copies of it on Youtube. The man who posted it captured the video from within the temple using forged and borrowed recommends. He contends (and Youtube agrees) that posting the video on Youtube is protected as "Fair Use" and is protected in section 107 of US copyright laws. Having seen it far too many times, I can confirm that this is the video and yes, that really is what Mormons do in temples, and yes, they really do wear those stupid clothes.

To find it, go to Youtube, search for newnamenoah and it will be the second video that the search yields. Have fun. It's sort of a train wreck - you don't want to watch (because it's so boring and cheesy), but you can't look away (because it's so bizarre and bothersome to know that people actually believe in this stuff.


Wait a minute...did you just say, "...but since the owners of this movie don't try to profit from it directly..."???

OMG, this movie has probably generated more profit for the Mormon church than any other movie EVER made in world history. Period.