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AVOID the Region 2 Columbia DVD!

The package says 1.66:1 Anamorphic, but it's actually ugly-looking Fullscreen that cuts so much off the sides that sometimes you can't see the actors that are speaking.

Non vos riades, que o conto é triste.


Love to, but then, is there any other DVD version?

Go to Criterion and ask them to work on Satyajit Ray films, a good Kwaidan rerelease.


I tried to avoid it but since I've become quite fascinated by Tony Richardson lately and had the opportunity to purchase the DVD for £2, I did, bearing in mind that there was no other release to choose as an alternative.
Fearing the worst, I put in the DVD - and was pleasantly surprised! At least on my copy, the aspect ratio is definitely anamorphic 1:1,66, maybe a little wider at about 1:1,75. I couldn't find any information about wether 1:1,66 actually is the original aspect ratio and some people even state that it actually was shot in Scope but judging from what I saw on this DVD (which also has a perfectly decent image quality), that seems unlikely, at least that's my personal impression.