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Anyone know where I can find this?

Old video? Torrent? Anything? Anyone?


There's a decent copy of it availiable on eMule - in fact, most of his films are. It's sad that this hasn't yet been given a proper remastering or even a DVD release, as it's often seen as one of the finest accomplishments in Argentine cinema.

I know there are four films in Favio's catalogue which have been released in DVD already, being Crónica De Un Niño Solo, Juan Moreira, Nazareno Cruz Y El Lobo and Gatica, El Mono, but, quite sadly, the transfer quality is still pretty low.

I'm just hoping Criterion will look at Argentina at some point and give the films of Favio, Torres Nilson, etc., the proper treatment they deserve.

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It's in YouTube:

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can find torrent file on a certainasss site and english subs on dear people..