Anyone know of a version of "sofia" with the drum track still on it as it is in the film?

I expect a flood of replies ;0)


I searched for the soundtrack.

The url

tells me that there is one track only titled "Sofia".

To date, I have yet to acquire both the movie and soundtrack to compare.

I hope to have a copy of both by the end of this week, if not the month.


The soundtrack to the movie I found is shared in an album with soundtrack of two other similar movies.

The track "Sofia" sounds an awful like the music used about 30 minutes into the film where Niven's character is being driven and we cut away to Sofia driving up into a Parian park searching for some one.

The movie plays about 28-30s the track length is 1-min, 48-seconds.

The tune is instrumental so no lyrics and voice.

Yes, there are drums in the tune. The scene in the movie, the music increases as the camera zooms in from a high vantage point looking down at where Sofia parked; here solo drums are heard at the point when the music increases.


Wow, never expected a reply to question I posted 6 years ago! Thank you.

That was my point however, the version used in the film has a drum track yet the one on the soundtrack doesn't.

I believe the track was also issued as the b-side to the American Breed's title track. As seen here.

I imagine it's the same version that's on the CD but I've yet to hear a copy to check.


Even the original LP is different, i.e. same as all the other albums but different from used in the movie.

Have you found out or read anywhere as to why there is a difference?

I have experienced occasions in which the music on album differs from that used in the movie. (At the moment I am writing this, I cannot seem to recall a single example. Even after scanning soundtrack titles in my iTunes, nothing leaps out as strange.) A slight variation as in this case, but discover years later, in a re-issue of the soundtrack, extra cues are included that were not in the first publication.

P.S. No. . . wait. In the new version of "Battlestar Galactica" there was a difference in the main title sequence theme. The difference was UK vs. US release. But both versions appear on the only soundtrack (for the mini-series) album released.


So you have heard the original vinyl single?

It's not uncommon for alternative takes to be used or even re-recordings, particularly on older soundtracks. I'm fairly certain the track in question appears more than once in the film. There was probably one version with drums and one without. And they either simply chose to include the one without drums on the soundtrack, or the version with drums was not available or couldn't be found to include it.

It's a shame as it's one of the most memorable cues in the film. Hopefully the soundtrack will see an expanded re-issue some day along with a Blu-Ray of the English version of the film.