US/English Version?

Are we ever going to see a decent release of the English version of this film??

Olive Films have done a superb job with the transfer of the French one but I'll freely admit that I am very disappointed that it isn't the English version.

I'll add that as they were shot simultaneously, I don't see either version as being more "original" than the other. The English version is not just a dubbed version of the French one.



Yes, there is. As the trivia here states; "The film has been shot in two languages (French and English) with the same cast." I also know because I have a copy on VHS.


In the French Blu-Ray, Niven speaks terribly accented French, but Eli Wallach does a pretty good job of both French and Italian. You can choose to have all French dialogue subtitled in English, or all English dialogue subtitled in French. It's a much better way to watch the film with the clash of languages, rather than one with everything in English, which I am assuming the second version has.