Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

Sgt. Pilot Andy's family was killed at the rest center when the Germans first began bombing London. But this was not the end for the two child actors who played Andy's sons. They both make an appearance in a later scene in the movie.

It takes place toward the end of the story. A fierce, all out battle is raging in the skies over London. Down below many civilians take shelter in the subways. It's unpleasant and uncomfortable. So many people crowded in there huddled together in family groups. Radio news reports providing optimistic commentaries on the air battle overhead. To add to the discomfort some families are not keeping their children under control. Three little boys are racing around the subway platform, arms outspread, pretending to be airplane pilots, much to the irritation of the other nearby family groups.

Three little boys. And two of them are the same boys who played Andy's sons earlier in the movie. It's quickly over. And you never get a good look at the boys' faces. But you can recognize them because they're wearing the same clothes as in the earlier scene.