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What's the name of the song?

This song is EVERYWHERE -- usually, on commercials or promos that have something to do with morning or sunrise. Its on bacon commercials, fast food, and get-up-in-the-morning-without back-pain-because-you-took-doans-pills commercials -- but the name of the song is beyond common knowledge.

I had hoped that it was "Morning Medly" by Grieg (the Norwegian composer) but after wasting money on a bland C.D. this was not quite Morning Medly.

It may sound insane, but I've been trying to learn the name of this song for almost 30 years. You'd think something as common as this on commercials and promos would be common knowledge, but no one has been able to name the song or find a recording.

Some suggestions have been Springsong (?) Morningsong (Definitely wrong tune and wrong key) and Morning Medly (similar but not the recording I got).

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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It's part of the William Tell Overture entitled Ranz de Vaches, I believe.