Changes to Phantom India

In the early 1970's I saw Phantom India at the Perth Film Festival, in all its 6 hour glory. As others have mentioned, it is a powerful and memorable documentary.When the Eclipse Series 2 edition became available from Amazon I purchased it but it does not seem to me to be quite the same film.
Whilst it was a good 35 years ago that the film was shown and no doubt my brain cells have deteriorated substantially it seems to me that parts have been left out.
For example, in the "original" there were many scenes of sadhus walking along roads in various states of undress and one scene in which a group, whose bodies were covered in ash, sat meditating next to fires. Some even had a smouldering cow-dung on their head.
As a contributor to this site has mentioned, there was a scene which showed some people who lived up a tree. That scene is not in the Eclipse Series 2 version.
Whilst the "new version" is still excellent and well worth getting it also seems to me to be quite different.
I am hoping that others who also saw this great film when it was first released will comment on this matter to try and confirm if or not changes have been made.
I sent an email to NEF, the company that made Phantom India to see if they knew anything but they were not aware of any changes.
Louis Malle died in 1995 so it is not possible to check with him.
One reason for asking about this issue is that the "original" showed many sadhus as they lived their lives at that time and as they had been doing so for many centuries. That way of life has largely disappeared in modern India so the film is a real historical document concerning Indian spiritual traditions. As such it is well worth preserving and being made available in my opinion.
Any comments or suggestions welcome. Thanks. Ian McKenzie.