A little warning.

There is just one (Dutch) Floris season, of 13 broadcasts, the 13th being the "Making of" of the series, the series itself has 12 episodes, with 11 adventures (the last adventure being a two-parter!) A second season was written (including naked ladies, this was Paul Verhoeven!), but as the production costs went 300% over budget(if not more), the second was just produced as newspaper comics (and comic albums later), in spite of the great popularity, not counting the audioplays that is.

The series is/was sold in two different sets of 3 DVD's: The 3DVDbox (plastic box) and the 3 Disc Collector's Edition (cardboard). If you have the choice take the 3DCE, that one has besides the series, the making of and the historical introductions, allowing a handy person to recreate the experience of seeing the Floris series as it was originally broadcast, with introductions about aspects of living around 1500 before the actual episode, the Making Of, and a documentary about the series "De Ridder en de Fakir" as well as colour pictures and a thin booklet written by the writer of the series, including a coupon for the TV-toys museum.
The 3DVDbox claims to have all that too on the back, except for the booklet which is an unannounced extra in the 3DCE, but rather than the full season it just has the series, probably a case of just copying the text of an older, more inclusive version, resulting in false advertising.

The sets are easily told apart: the good, full season one has a CARDBOARD box and has 3 Disc Collector's Edition on the front, the poor version has a plastic box with 3DVDBOX on the front.


including naked ladies, this was Paul Verhoeven
I bet it was!

Thanks for the tip, my dad actually has the 3 Disc Collector's Edition version, but I also want to buy Floris on DVD myself...it's a good thing I know that there's a difference between the cardboard one and the plastic one now!

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Thank you very much for the information! Do you know if the collector's edition is still available for sale anywhere? I've looked high and low for it, but to no avail. Not even the Dutch version of eBay has anyone selling it!