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Comedies can be dark, intelligent, disturbing and scary as hell

I feel that the people who question or rather completely removes this film from the comedy genre has very little respect for the art of blackl/dark/bleak comedies.

The problem is that they are simply too purist and sees things in clearcut categories. The idea that comedies are all easy entertainment you can just sit back and relax to is vehemently false. Not all comedies are designed to give you a few laughs and send you on the way.

In that manner comedies to them are films that can not be taken seriously. Now there are comedies that are as much serious dramas as they are comedies. They can have complex and perfectly believable characters set in a believable world. And they don't have to be empty, satires has proven that.

Now this isn't really believable. It's basically surreal, which almost always brings forth either comedy or horror/dread. In this case it brought both to the table.

The comedy does enhance the dread and the insanity and it will make you uncomfortable, but it's still comedy andf through the entire films there are situations put up only to be funny, such as the extremely overemotional woman who always starts screaming or the way Kopfrkingl repeats the same humerous talk(as well as the events around them are duplicated) to his children while leading them across the the graveyard. The comedy is also needed to underline Kopfrkingl's insanity.

How funny or scary this film will be is going to be determined on how sick your humor is. It is most definitely possible to love this film if you find it to be only a comedy, only a horror film or something in between. I found the entire thing hilarious and could hardly stop laughing and I have seen from this discussion board that people have had the exact opposite response.

But please consider that comedy is more than American Pie, Charlie Chaplin or even His Girl Friday. And remember that it can be used as a tool. I also want you to know that being a comedy never decreases the amount you should have for a film, which some people would suggest. The comedic genre is too big and varied to be blown off as unimportant and undeserving of respect.

Somebody here has been drinking and I'm sad to say it ain't me - Allan Francis Doyle


A psychological horror and a black comedy of the mind. A good black comedy is designed to make us chuckle uncomfortably: Kopfrkingl's deteriorating fustian mind, his patriarchal narrative undermined by deviant imagery and his outragous, hypocrisy; and at its blackest, his shocking tragic actions.

As the Nazi's gather at the gates, his world crumbles and his insanity grows, the comedy becomes pitch black, like the laughter of madman. Listening to his pompous narrative reminded me of Humbert Humbert. A very interesting, beautiful film.