why so underrated?

Its a really good strange spaghetti western so why is it so ignored?


Very hard to find and see maybe one reason although probably not the only one.


I'm just watching a decent copy (my original was on tape from BBC's Moviedrome about a quarter of a century ago) and I noticed something VERY strange.

Just after Requiescant shoots the three guys in the desert, he opens his gun and looks at the bullets. There are six bullets in there (as there should be) BUT...NONE have been fired as the firing caps are still intact.

After that, he looks at his Bible and was saved as it stopped a bullet.

Are we to infer he is NOT shooting the bad guys, but God is striking them down? This would account for him never loading his pistol and why he becomes a crack shot all of a sudden.

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Has it been that long since this was shown on Moviedrome? Wow! How time flies.

I'm tempted by the new German DVD release, which contains subtitles for the Italian track - I've often wondered how this film plays out in Italian.

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