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James Garner's deliberate wardrobe sabotage

I've never seen this movie but many years ago I saw an interview with James Garner in which he claimed this was probably the worst movie he was ever in. He said he was so disgusted with the script and the director he deliberately moved around items his character carried through various scenes to see if anyone would notice the obvious continuity errors he was creating.

So in one scene he might have a water canteen slung over his right shoulder and in the next it would be slung over his left shoulder. He moved other items carried on a belt; like a knife or a gun, from one side to the other or removed them completely and then put them back. No one on the set noticed the changes. It might be fun to watch this movie just to see if these continuity errors are really noticeable. With editing some scenes in which he really moved stuff around may have never made the final print.


There was one scene where he and the other men had to wear lipstick. Between takes, they would change the color and it wasn't noticed.

It's been a long time since I saw this movie and I'd like to see it again.


I guess they didn't notice.