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Lyrics to Toshirô Mifune's Song at the end of Movie

Several people have asked what the lyrics to the song were, why he started crying... so I thought I would post them here. On the MGM DVD it DOES have sub-titles... for better or worse.

When I go on sea
I will become a corpse in water
When I go on hills
I will become a corpse with moss
If my spirit (begins crying)
Can be near the Emperor
I would not be regretful about myself

I have no idea where this song is from originally...
Just hope it helps answer some questions.


"Hey, Mr. Miagi, you ok?"


"How about I put you to bed now, ok?"

"Bonzai... Danielsan"

"Yeah, Mr. Miagi, Bedtime for Bonzai, C'mon, let's go.
And I know I'm gonna get stuck cleanin' this mess up tomorrow, so no 'wax off', ok?"

Now listen here, you mugs, nobody gets to say 'Meh' anymore unless you're Edward G. Robinson, see?