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'Oh, for a second there I thought you were a Jap' (Spoilers)

This line, spoken by Lee Marvin, summed up for me how the relationship between the two characters had changed during the course of the movie. Plus, it is very funny, if you think about it.

Initially they were bitter enemies. By the time they reach the bombed-out base on the island, they are comrades.

(Marvin says these words while they are clambering about in the bombed-out base. He is startled by a noise, only to find it is Toshiro Mifune.)

Like a bird on the wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free


Yes, lovely line and very funny.

Just prior to that, when Marvin's character thinks the base may still be manned by American troops, he runs out into the open, shouting "Don't shoot! Don't shoot! He's my friend!"

They are comrades - until they get shaved, cleaned up, put on fresh uniforms, sit down and look at each other and suddenly see the enemy. And then they get drunk, of course.


Only point in this entire film that I laughed. All in all a pretty lame film ... great concept but poor execution.