13/01/2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment UK Ltd 119m 4s
22/07/2002 Blue Underground Ltd 124m 8s

i dont understand why the 2 run times its like 5 mins difference both are uk pall
anyone know why?
allso the bbfc say Directed by Jess Franco
The cast for this work includes: Jack Palance, Mercedes McCambridge.
Jess Franco is also known as jesus but wheres jack palance in it

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die


Jack Palance plays that sadistic priest who administrates the torture of Justine in preparation for a grand ritual. The scene most people remember him for in this (apart from his rants) is the one where he literally glides through the hallways of the old church.

Unfortunately, I can't help you on the discrepancy in the run-times. However, the interview footage in the Blue Underground edition does show some extended scenes (like the dungeon) and a few alternate takes, but that wouldn't explain why the Anchor Bay edition is shorter.