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Day of the Evil Gun ~ hmmmmm....

Someone else wrote that they "missed this movie"...and I certainly don't I wonder why!
Evil is they key here: evil direction, evil plot, the whole thing is rather 'dead'.
And what a waste, with Ford and Kennedy, and another 10 or so absolutely unbelievable character actors and role-players:
Jagger, Fix, Stanton, Minardos, Cobb ~ and this movie is awful, even for 1968.
How one can get them all in one movie, then blow it...AMAZING.
Lackadaisical direction, stupid plot,,,ugh!
This one's a 3...but a solid 3, mind you!

10 = unmissable, an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!!
9 = excellent!
8 = very good
7 = good, entertaining
6 = OK, fine, whatever
5 = just average
4 = barely watchable, nodded off occasionally
3 = bad
2 = awful!
1 = dire!!
0 = shouldn't have been made at all!!!
'You can't HANDLE the truth!'


the cinematography and music soundtrack were definitely '9'. Dont know how you could miss those elements.