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Somehow I Guess I Missed This In 1968

Hey folks,

Western movies have been a favorite staple of my entertainment choices as far back as I can remember going to films. I do have some biases and prejudices in Westerns, and my biases and prejudices have changed a bit over time. For example, in my early years I was completely captivated by Tom Mix, Gene Autry, and similar types of Westerns. Before I was in my teens, however, I was no longer interested in those types of Westerns, and I found more of interest in what might be called more “adult” types of Westerns. I began to appreciate the John Wayne of “Stagecoach” a lot more than the John Wayne of his earlier Westerns.

A few days ago, I was searching my Western channels to see what I might find to watch. I came across “Day Of The Evil Gun” and noticed it had Glen Ford, Arthur Kennedy, and a bunch of other actors with whom I was familiar. The storyline looked interesting and with the actors listed, this seemed likely to be the kind of Western I like. What bothered me, however, was the fact that I did not remember ever seeing this film before.

Well, I watched the film, and I did enjoy the story. However, when it was finished, I still was not sure if I ever saw it before or not. There were a few bits of scenes that seemed familiar to me, but on the whole, it seemed that I did not remember ever seeing the film before. Admittedly, I seem to have a similar problem with books at my age. I can read a book this week and enjoy it thoroughly. A few months later, I can pick the book up, know that I have already read it, but I am unable to remember anything about the storyline. I read the book again, and it almost like reading it for the first time. I may remember bits and pieces, but for the most part it is like a new read. I have to wonder if that is also the case for my most recent experience with “Day Of The Evil Gun.”

In any case, I did enjoy watching the film. It was a good story, and it was quite interesting to watch the characters played by Ford and Kennedy as they move through the timeline of the story.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile


Like the original post-writer I grew up with westerns and matured from the Gene Autry type westerns to more mature ones. Today at age 70 I still like the excellent A-List westerns that have been made and I have found in the last few years that Glenn Ford is one of my favorite western actors, if not my favorite. I found this film enjoyable and did notice there is something about it that gives is a somewhat different "feeling" than many westerns I have seen. It is just a bit unusual. In any event I think it is well worth watching. Certainly with the lead by Ford and support by stalwart actors Arthur Kennedy and Dean Jagger any fan of those three or of the western genre should see it.