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Actual running time??

I'm a huge fan of Mario Bava... I have 15 of his films, but for years I've neglected to watch this one.

I recently found a U.S. VHS for $1... it's the Paramount Pictures VHS.

My question is what is the actual running time of this film?? Are there different versions (in regards to running times)??

My VHS claims to run 99 minutes (I haven't watched it yet to confirm if it's correct, since many VHS boxes claim a running time that is inaccurate)... but IMDB claims 105 minutes.
I don't need info about the "dubs" and "subs"... just the running time(s).

Can anyone help?? I'd appreciate it.


The french/italian version is only 93 minutes. I doubt a 105 min. cut exists.


I'm pretty sure only 1 version exists... 99 minutes in North America, but 93 minutes in Europe because of the faster playing speed for PAL.