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Labeling error in ADV's box set confuses second and third films

The ADV release of the box set of the Daimajin trilogy in 2003 offered all three films in the series. But Disc 2, which is labeled RETURN OF DAIMAJIN, both on the disc and in the onscreen subtitles, really gives us the third film, WRATH OF DAIMAJIN, while Disc 3, which is labeled WRATH OF DAIMAJIN, onscreen title being THE WRATH OF DAIMAJIN, is really RETURN OF DAIMAJIN, the second film in the series. So, after watching the films, I came to IMDB for cast and credit info and got very confused seeing the info for one film being supplied for the other. The confusion extends to the reviews here, one of which covers the second film while the others correctly cover the third.