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The Cougar shines through all the Disnification

I remember loving this film as a child and it cast a delightful spell on my 9 year old self.

It had elements of Born Free, Incredible Journey and Even the TV show "Lassie" (when she lived with the ranger in the woods)
And despite that corny, folksy narration by the late Rex Allen ("Purina Dog Chow; all you add is the Love")
and the overwrought musical score relentlessly telling us how to feel every second, the film has a timeless, low budget charm that still holds up.

It's obvious watching it now that it was so cheaply made that it was shot without a soundtrack, and the few spoken words were clearly dubbed in.

What really stands out is the amazing photography of the cougar(s) themselves, especially when he effortlessly leaps 20 feet in a single bound, or when he and his lady friend are frolicking in the snow, or when Charlie and his lumberjack buddies compete on the log rolling games.
What an amazing specimen the mountain lion is. And I'm quite certain there must've been a bit of animal cruelty in the filming to get that amazing final scene of Charlie being cornered in the lumberyard. That cat is NOT acting as he screams in terror.

But, what a nostalgic ride it was all these years later. If it came out in '67, it was likely one of the last films at the Disney studio that Walt himself presided over.