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I watched this with my missus the other night and it was better than I expected...but what are we supposed to think happened at the end ?

The Doctor and his wife were going to get send Lucy (Linda Hayden) away but then the girl started referring to some rather unmotherly incidents she'd experienced with the Doc's wife....guilty looks all round !

Next thing Lucy's dressed up and ready to go out for an evening with the Doc, his wife and Dick Emery and Sheila Steafel !

Is the idea that she's 'blackmailing' them into letting her stay or is she so unstable she cannot accept the truth ?

Why couldn't they just say so for thickies like me ?

What do you think ?



I always interpreted the ending as they had all done things with Lucy, and that, in the end, sending her away would run the risk of her exposing all of them. So, rather than losing their upscale way of life, they simply try to move on and allow Lucy to stay. The ending is very vauge, but that's what I got from it.


I just watched it and I came away thinking that in the final scene, when Lucy is dressed up to go out with them, the Doctor and the wife were at that point "stuck" with her, to avoid exposure of the wife's inappropriate relationship with Lucy. I didn't think the father or the son had been with Lucy. It seemed to me that the film gradually presented that the wife was not doing Lucy any good, although I think it was obscured till close to the end. There was a pretty good hint at that, in the scene that showed the wife fondling Lucy and the reaction in Lucy's face. Then near the end, shown more clearly, by the wife's refusal (and outright disgust) when the Doctor tried to have sex with her. (I didn't read the book.)