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Thoughts on the closing credits...

...which you can see here:

I remember watching them as a child and thinking that they were flat out scary, and it wasn't until I saw them again as an adult that I finally figured out what had bothered me. Basically, you see panning shots of this massive, empty laboratory/building that has apparently come to life on it's own. Couple that with the weird angles they show- first from the top of the three towers, then even higher in the control room looking down on those same towers- and you have this almost backwards remote viewing going on. And the music captures the whole thing perfectly. Anyone with kenophobia (fear of large empty spaces) probably got a little unnerved watching these. I wonder who's idea it was to give it that dark, haunted feel?

I used to watch this show when WNEW Channel 5 in NYC ran it in the mid 70's at 4:30 in the afternoon, right after Journey to the Center of the Earth (4 PM). Come November/December the living room was dark because the sun had set, and if there weren't any other lights on it was just me, these end credits, and my overactive imagination. As scary as I thought they were though, I couldn't quite pull myself away either.

Absolutely the most frightening end credits to any cartoon I've ever seen, and the music conveys that feeling perfectly. The only other television music I can think of (animated or live action) that parallels this is the closing theme to Gerry Anderson's UFO.

Just to be complete, the opening credits are here:


They are pretty spooky.