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Finally I found it! After searching for almost 20 years

I guess that I just need some kind of outlet for my enormous euphoria of finding this movie at last.

I saw this movie back in the mid 90's, at age 9 or 10, and it was one of the most moving film-experiences of my life. It might have been one of the first serious movies, I ever saw - it was definetly the first movie, that made me cry.
Since then I've been searching for it without knowing the title. I kinda had an inkling, that it might have featured Anthony Quinn(in hindsight though) - remember I was a young lad then, and probably only knew of actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and maybe Harrison Ford.

NOW i finally found it, and I can't describe the sheer pleasure it brings me. Now all I have to do, is to get a copy of my own.
Life sure is beautiful!


Don't know if you are still searching for it but here you go, just got done watching it today.