French version

I saw this when it was broadcast on Tv in the 1960's. The narration was by a Frenchman, and it was better, less gruff sounding.
I seem to recall that when the individual members were introduced at the beginning, it told which ones were going to be killed. I remember wanting to reach into the screen and pull them out before it was too late.
This film made a big impact on the public, it was the first view of a non-John-Wayne type of war.
Question: when the medi-vac helicopter takes out the wounded, does it get blown up and fall and explode?


i just got a copy from amazon, but it is not the same one i remembered. i don't remember the casualties being identified, in fact i distinctly remember the older version saving that for near the end. this copy tells about Shannon's death fairly early. other changes are the "these boots were made for walking" being cut short, no mention of the radioman running out of money on r&r, and cutting the narration at the end talking about the French role in the war.

the helicopter crash is shown; it was not a medevac, but one of the mail/chow run supply choppers. it hits a tree taking off, and spins in and cracks up, but does not catch fire or explode.

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