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All Mitchel's fault!!!!!

If he and Dr Hill had not burst into the room, scaring the hell out of Sheila the whole thing would have gone to plan and Paul would have potentially projected himself straight into Blanchard's house for Lembach to see!

There was no good reason for bursting in on Sheila and telling her not to touch anything.
This film makes no sense!!!!

Do it Doug!!!!


Well, yeah, considering how touchy Dr. Hill was about someone addressing her abruptly while she was focussing a microscope, you'd think she'd be a little more cautious about Mitchell yelling and lunging around in a laboratory full of squealing circuits and glowing lights.

Flat, drab passion meanders across the screen!


Well, you know how these kinds of films are: the people who cause the mistakes never own up to them.

Like Bert I Gordon's 'The Beginning of the End.' Peter Graves' character is pretty much responsible for the giant locusts that take out the small Illinois town and head on into Chicago, yet Graves' character never once acknowledges that his faults.

"Thanks, guys." "So long, partner."

- Toy Story 3 (9/10)