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What happened to make Mal Reese to make him flip over the balcony wall?

Why would Mal on his own run to the balcony wall? Why would Walker want to push him over it? What is the distraction to Walker than makes him lose his grip on Reese?


He wasn't so much running toward the wall as trying to get away from Walker. Walker didn't have a grip on Reese. He only had a grip on the towel which unfurled as Mal spun around toward the balcony and over the rail. Walker still had the towel in his hand after Mal impacted the pavement below. What I'm wondering is why Carter ran from the culvert toward the sniper yelling "It's all right", instead of running away from the sniper which would have made much more sense.


If I recall correctly the only way Carter could've escaped the sniper fire was to run back into the tunnel, but there was Walker sort of in the way. And it all happened very quickly anyway - Walker pushed him out and the shot was fired before he'd even properly regained his footing.

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Yeah, momentum carried Reese over the balcony. Walker was confusedly holding the flapping sheet, looking down.

He was probably thinking "There goes my cash ticket - what now?"

As to Stegman & Carter, yeah, the hit man (a very cold James Sikking) probably had the contract to kill 'em all. Only later, the Accountant Brewster says he won't pay him. Sikking just smiles and "passes" on the ride from Brewster, knowing he's next on the kill list, either from Yost's order or by Walker.

Somehow, Yost's last words to Walker stick in my mind: "I pay my DEBTS!" When, all the while, Sikking's hit man was waiting to kill Walker. At least he left the money there for Walker.

I guess Walker would have to swim the Bay one more time.

PS Sharon Acker was sadly luscious in this film.